Waking up early

Typical working environment.

I signed up for a gym membership! Bally’s is only $20 a month. I went in today to check it out (in a dress and jellies, not planning on working out, obviously). It’s not that intimidating. While I was getting my membership card, a 50-something asian lady, an older white lady and a office worker with a tie and bike helmet checked in… no creepy body builders! That made me feel better.

So, after chatting with Matthew about my (non-existant) work ethic, I’ve decided one of my main flaws is sleeping in too long. Today, he woke up at 5 to leave at 6am to go to San Diego. After he left, I thought that I could probably get up right now, I felt awake enough! Then I went back to bed and didn’t get up until 11:30am. I felt groggy and off all day, and I got absolutely no work done.

So here’s the plan: I’m going to wake up when Matthew does, try to run around the block or go to the gym, shower, and then start my day. Matt’s friend Brooklyn said she sleeps in her work out clothes because sometimes the biggest hump is getting into your sports gear. I’m going to try it tonight. Here’s hoping!

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  1. Lindsay said:

    Don’t sleep in your sports bra! ow ow ow ow

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