Happy July!

Summer has officially arrived in South Pasadena, and for the first time in my life I have a pool that I have complete and easy access to! Since the landlord cleaned it, I’ve been taking a dip almost every day. It ‘s so luxurious. Erin came to visit this weekend, and we took full advantage of it!

In other news, Dexter has officially become an Explorer of the Outside World! Reluctantly, of course. He meows his distinct “Vet Meow” but then when presented with tasty grass, he seems to be more at ease.


 I’ve had fun this weekend, but come tomorrow, I’ve got to get on my stuff. My house is a mess, I have no clean clothes or dishes, I’ve got websites, ads and t-shirts to design, and a book to mail! It’s gotta happen. So, tomorrow is going to something a little like this:


  • Wake up, breakfast, water plants.
  • Continue laundry.
  • Clean up Office.
  • Get box out of the car, finally / mail book
  • Work on t-shirts.
  • Lunch
  • Work on ad.
  • Laundry, wash bed linens.
  • Vacuum the couches and rugs, sweep
  • Clean kitchen
  • Etc.
OY. It will happen. This is what my office looks like right now:
Not too sexy/organized. I rearranged it though, and bought some Idea Paint, but that a project for another day.



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  1. Love it! Good luck with all your work tomorrow and be sure to sneak a swim in there 😉

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