Crafty/Adventurous Weekend

..and it’s only Saturday!

Yesterday, I met Matt in Venice Beach, where he works. I finally got to see the canals! We walked around Abbot Kinney and visited our friend, and got to check out the more hidden bits of the town.

I also stopped by Wasteland on Melrose, where I saw some perfect shoes for Gala Darling, who got married today!

Today, Matt took me to this little cafe he knew I’d like called Fiore Cafe. It was the owner’s recreation of the food they’d had on a trip to Italy, and I must admit, they did a pretty good job! Perfect little sandwich cafe.

Next, we stopped by Intelligentsia in Old Town Pasadena to continue our local adventure. I asked for only one shot of espresso in my Mocha (I know nothing about coffee, except that i’m sensitive to it!) but, unfortunately, they only do double shots. Thus the 1am blog post.

Corinna came over and we took full advantage of my pool. We even threw her dog Duke in! He was not happy. He proceeded to both not trust us and worry we were drowning, simultaneously. We had a bit of a craft day and made bracelets and hair-wraps and watched the Real L-Word. I started a rainbow (coincidence) friendship bracelet, and gave her a lime, purple, creme and black hair wrap. She game me a orange, blue and white one! Of course, mine is about 3 inches long because my hair is so short. I do miss having long hair for braiding and hair wrapping sometimes, I have to admit.


But my greatest achievement today, if I may say so, was my birdie garland! Matt and I also went to Blick’s art store today after the coffee place, and I saw this packaged garland of paper birds for $16, and instantly thought “I could totally make that.” So I did! I free-hand cut a bunch out of my rice paper origami paper (in pretty, traditional patterns), added buttons between each bird, and stitched up my own! I put it on the blank wall in our office. I love them! They are so cheery and cute. I really wanted a garland, and now I have a cute, cheap, and happy one to look at while I work. 

  1. Lindsay said:

    I want a garland toooo! So pretty!!

  2. What a fun weekend! I wish every weekend was as jammed-pack with fun stuff. You could even right another post about today (sunday)

  3. wow these pictures are really great!

    and i really love my garland 🙂 🙂

    “happy day” 😀

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